Story Squad



Once Upon a Time Remixed

What happens when storytellers, singers, musicians and visual artists join forces?  Story Squad!  This band of performers creates a theatrical feast for the ears and eyes that will have the entire family rocking.  Utilizing children’s literature, songs, Harlem Renaissance-era poetry, street rhymes and funky rhythms, they educate, entertain and inspire families. Story Squad uses their talents to promote literacy, address summer slide, and fill the void of entertainment for exceptional families.

Super Friendly - Sensory Sensitive

Sensory-friendly performances are productions slightly modified to create a more comfortable, enjoyable experience for audience members along the autistic spectrum and for those who experience other sensory sensitivity.  Loud sounds are quieter, surprising elements not as surprising; the lights over the audience are not as dark, and ushers are trained to unobtrusively alert parents and other audience members to upcoming mood, music, or lighting changes. 

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