On the Screen National Theatre Live On Screen

All My Sons

When: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 7:30pm

Photo of Academy Award Winning actress Sally Field.

Taking place in America during 1947, this rendition of Arthur Miller’s blistering drama stars Academy Award-winner Sally Field (Steel MagnoliasBrothers & Sisters) and Bill Pullman (The SinnerIndependence Day) as Kate and Joe Keller who are a success story. They built a home, raised two sons, and established a thriving business, but nothing lasts forever. Their contented lives, already shadowed by the loss of their oldest son to war, are about to shatter. With the return of a figure from the past, long buried truths are forced to the surface, and the price of their American dream is laid bare.

Each National Theatre Live (NTL) production is performed in front of a live audience in London, recorded with multiple cameras throughout the auditorium, and then screened in theaters across the globe – giving viewers “the best seat in the house.”