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Build A Man

Presented by Raisin AJ Productions

February 4, 2023 • 3:00 pm February 4, 2023 • 7:30 pm

Price: $37

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Before you can see it in anyone else, you must build it from within.

Theresa, Renee’ and Tasha are at the top of their game. They are all successful, beautiful, outgoing, and unfortunately lonely. Each one of them has either a failed relationship, a long distance relationship or no relationship at all. The one exciting thing that they look forward to is their monthly “Ladies Night Out” where they inevitably end up discussing their hopes of finding the perfect guy to start a relationship with. It was on one such night when the man clearing their table caught their collective eye. Behind his nappy beard, chewed fingernails, baggy jeans and lack of manners, they can see what they believe could possibly be their perfect man. They would need him just to accompany them on dates and social events of course with... no strings attached.

So their experiment to build the perfect man begins. All of the ladies bring her area of expertise. Theresa, a boutique owner, and divorce attorney makes sure he has the finest and the latest trends in men's fashion. Renee’, a real estate agent, uses one of her properties to give him a luxury place to stay and Tasha, who owns an upscale salon, makes sure his hair is clean, cut, and his nails manicured. After some work, he is handsome, charming, sophisticated, and ready to escort them to any event. The fun begins and shortly after, the women are stunned when they eventually find out Julian’s true identity but not before tempers flare, feelings are hurt, friendships are in jeopardy and standing in the middle of the chaos is the perfect man they tried to build.

Written by 100.1 The Beat’s “Miss Monique”, Build-A-Man is a dramedy about the hope, patience, trust and love that must be accessed from within.... before you can see it … or build it... in anyone else.

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